We Are Your RPZ & Backflow Testing Experts

At Rainbow Irrigation & Backflow Prevention, Inc. we take pride in specializing in the Backflow Prevention business. Whether you require RPZ Testing or Backflow Testing, we can help. We are completely focused on providing our Commercial and Residential clients with expert plumbing services for the installation, repair and certification of all types of Backflow valves and Backflow Prevention Assemblies.

As a fully licensed plumbing contractor, Rainbow Irrigation & Backflow Prevention, Inc. can easily handle your needs for a complete cross-connection control ordinance and maintain the record of your RPZ and Backflow Device(s) on our computer database. Rainbow Irrigation & Backflow Prevention, Inc. remains dedicated to our goal of insuring that all RPZ and Backflow Preventers are maintained and tested annually with the results submitted to the local agency. Contact us now or call 847-639-9610 today for more details.

“The most common problems with irrigation systems can be either a zone that won’t open, no zones open, or a zone that’s working all the time,” says Noam Kerem, a lifelong irrigation specialist and founder of Rainbow Irrigation & Backflow Prevention, Inc., Fox River Grove, Illinois. “Problems can also be caused by two or more zones working together, causing the irrigation system to malfunction due to low pressure.”

Article excerpt: Irrigation and Green Industry “Troubleshooting an Irrigation System”