A Few Testimonials From Our Satisfied Residential and Commercial Backflow Prevention Clients:

  • Dear Noam, We wanted to drop you a note to thank you, not just for the very fast and thorough service - on a Sunday, no less - but for everything you have done for us over the years. It is always a pleasure to deal with you and your colleagues. You have always been ready to help. From turn-on through blow out at the end of the season, to quickly repairing a leak in an aging system, to setting up a backflow device when the law changed, your work has been thorough and at very reasonable prices. We look forward to many more years.

    Jackie Z., Northbrook
  • Noam and Sean, Your commitment and Sean's work call for a word of acknowledgement. We also want to let you know we are very happy with your service. Sean was here about two hours earlier than scheduled, but it actually worked out better as time was freed up for the rest of the day. He was helpful and worked patiently and well with us. Per Sean, apparently we just became your Customer Number 451. As we have some work to do here with our irrigation system, we will count on your good service come next spring! Our Best,

    Sue and Duke O
  • Rainbow Irrigation & Backflow Prevention is very reliable and is always on time. They do quality work and always check the work they do to make sure it is right. I highly recommend them to anyone that needs sprinkler system work done.

    Evan P.
  • Noam, I am a VERY satisfied new customer of your firm, Rainbow Irrigation and Backflow Prevention. By way of background, I contacted your office earlier this week after finding your website while searching for someone to certify my RPZ valve. I was impressed by your website and from the friendly, professional and courteous conversation with your secretary. You showed up today as promised, and efficiently tested my RPZ valve. Additionally, you were able to quickly diagnose and fix an issue with my timer, saving me from having to purchase a new controller unit. And last but not least, you called me back a half hour later to make sure my timer was still working properly. You can now add me to your long list of satisfied customers and you can be sure I will call you whenever I need additional servicing for my sprinkler system. Best Regards,

    Mark T.