Backflow Prevention and Certification FAQs

What is a Backflow Preventer Assembly?

A Backflow Preventer Assembly is an approved device that uses valves in different configurations to prevent contaminated or polluted water from reversing direction and flowing backward and contaminating the water supply.

What is the Law pertaining to Backflow Prevention?

The Illinois Department of Public Health, the EPA and local ordinances require that each Backflow Prevention Assembly must be tested and certified upon installation and shall be tested and certified annually thereafter by a licensed cross-connection control device inspector. Backflow Prevention Devices are commonly found on irrigation systems as well as fire sprinkler systems, swimming pools, boiler make-up, dental equipment and more…

Can you call a regular plumber to inspect and certify your Backflow Prevention Devices?

Only a plumber who is also a trained and licensed cross-connection control device inspector (CCCDI) can conduct the Backflow Preventer Assembly inspection, RPZ or Backflow testing and repair and issue the certification.

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