Experts in Backflow Testing

Rainbow Irrigation & Backflow Prevention is your top choice for highly specialized Backflow (RPZ and Double-Check) device testing!

Our charge is per backflow test, no matter what size, manufacturer or model. This includes record keeping and filing the backflow prevention test report with the approproaiate agencies.

Illinois plumbing code 890,1130 b: “Approval of Devices and Maintenance…” requires that Backflow Prevention Devices be maintained and tested annually by a licensed cross-connection control device inspector (CCCDI).

Our 24 hour Backflow Prevention emergency service means that our licensed inspectors are ALWAYS available to our clients. To maintain this level of availability we limit our service area to the greater Chicagoland area (including suburbs). At Rainbow Irrigation & Backflow Prevention, Inc. we are very serious about our role in safeguarding the public water supply. That’s why our Backflow Cross-Connection related services are the ONLY plumbing services that we offer.

Enjoy the convenience of using one source for all of these important RPZ & Backflow Preventer services.

  • The annual INSPECTION of all types of cross-connection control devices, which includes testing the RPZ or Backflow device in accordance with the current state and local ordinance regulations.
  • The INSTALLATION of all types of Backflow Prevention Devices (including RPZ).
  • The MAINTENANCE and REPAIR of all types of Backflow Prevention Devices.
  • Our REMINDER SERVICE notifies all clients prior to their annual testing date.
  • The TESTING and CERTIFICATION of all types of Backflow Prevention Devices.
  • We maintain all the Backflow Preventer certification DOCUMENTATION and RECORD KEEPING required so our clients will always be in compliance with local, state and EPA requirements.