Irrigation System Maintenance & RPZ Testing Services

Our expert staff installs, repairs and conducts certification testing on Reduced Pressure Zone (RPZ) Backflow devices.

Rainbow Irrigation & Backflow Prevention, Inc. services include turn-on, repair and winterization of all irrigation systems. We also install, repair, test Backflow Prevention RPZ devices for irrigation systems according to local and state regulations.  As licensed cross-connection control device inspectors (CCCDI), we manage both the certification and the required record keeping for RPZ Backflow testing.

Our charge is per backflow test, no matter what size, manufacturer or model. This includes record keeping and filing the backflow prevention test report with the approproaiate agencies.

If you are the busy owner of an irrigation company you know that safe water is the lifeblood of your business. You deserve the peace of mind that our excellent service can give you.

  • CERTIFICATION and the required record-keeping for all of your Backflow Prevention Devices.
  • 24 HOUR emergency Backflow Prevention service

Keeping our water supply safe is a serious business and at Rainbow Irrigation and Backflow Prevention, Inc. we consider our work to be a sacred trust. That’s why we make ourselves available 24 hours a day for any Backflow Prevention emergencies that you may encounter.

“The most common problems with irrigation systems can be either a zone that won’t open, no zones open, or a zone that’s working all the time,” says Noam Kerem, a lifelong irrigation specialist and founder of Rainbow Irrigation & Backflow Prevention, Inc., Fox River Grove, Illinois. “Problems can also be caused by two or more zones working together, causing the irrigation system to malfunction due to low pressure.”

Article excerpt: Irrigation and Green Industry “Troubleshooting an Irrigation System”